Green Party of Virginia Strongly Condemns Airstrikes

History Shows Only Disastrous Results for US
Richmond, VA April 7, 2017

The Green Party of Virginia, in accordance with International Law, is categorically opposed to unilateral military intervention in the affairs of any country, whether by the United States, Russia, or any other actor. Military operations directed against or within Syria are plainly illegal and contrary to the cause of peace, unless carried out either with the approval and cooperation of the international community or by invitation of the recognized government of Syria.

GPVA Says ‘American Health Care Act’ is Wrong for America

“Trumpcare” is not the answer
Richmond- March 15, 2017

The Green Party of Virginia announces that it stands against the GOP replacement for 'Obamacare', finding it unsuitable for Americans. Recognizing that the current system needs replacing, the GPVA says that the one offered resembles in many ways the failed 'Obamacare'.

Green Party Welcomes Progressives

DNC Chair Selection Supports Establishment Party Loyalists
Richmond, VA February 28, 2017

The Green Party of Virginia wishes to express its disappointment in the Democratic National Committee's selection of establishment chairmanship candidate Tom Perez. Although the selection of a Latino is to be applauded this is a clear demonstration that the Democratic Party will not be the party of the progressive movement.

Green Party Nominates Four Candidates for Virginia House of Delegates

Seats in House of Delegates To Be Contested

Culpeper, VA., January 31, 2017

The Green Party of Virginia voted to nominate its first round of candidates for the House of Delegates at its bi-annual business meeting in Culpeper, Virginia on Saturday Jan 28th, 2017.

Candidates are:

FEC Approves GPVA as a State Political Party Committee

Feb 6, 2013

Dear Greens,
I am happy to report that I attended the FEC meeting this morning in which the full commission unanimously approved draft Advisory Opinion 2012-39 designating GPVA as a state political party committee. The practical effect of this ruling is that GPVA's contribution limit to federal candidates has been doubled from $2,500 to $5,000 for both the primary and the general election phase of every federal election cycle.


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